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Adenovirus outbreaks top 40 cases in NJ facilities

Since our last update on the adenovirus outbreaks at two New Jersey facilities–the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Haskell and Voorhees Pediatric Facility–three additional cases in residents have been reported.

This brings the total cases to 42 (Wanaque Center-34, Voorhees–8). The death toll remains at 10, all at the Haskell facility.

The two outbreaks appear to be unrelated– Strain typing has confirmed the adenovirus cases at Voorhees are Type 3. This is a different strain from the one that caused a severe outbreak at the Wanaque Center (Type 7). Type 3 is typically associated with a milder illness than Type 7, however it is still sometimes associated with severe illness and even death.

Cases associated with outbreak Wanaque Center for
Nursing and Rehabilitation
Voorhees Pediatric Facility
Illness onset range 9/26 – 11/9 10/20 – 11/9
Residents 33 8
Staff  1 0
Total 34 8
Deaths 10 0


Map of New Jersey/ National Atlas of the United States