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On Thursday, health officials with the Orange County Health Care Agency issued a Health Officer Order that requires the Children’s Dental Group of Anaheim to cease the use of that facility’s on-site water system for any patient dental procedures.

Image/Michal Jarmoluk

Image/Michal Jarmoluk

What triggered the order?

Ten confirmed and probable cases of serious infections in pediatric patients receiving root canals due to the use of that facility’s on-site water in the procedure which tested positive for mycobacterium that is similar to the Mycobacteria chelonae/abscessus.

“I am issuing this order to protect the health of the dental office patients,” said Dr. Eric Handler, Public Health Officer. “I’m requiring a complete replacement of the on-site water system so that we will remove the potential threat of infection.”

Officials say the order will be lifted when the following conditions are met: The facility must provide a written plan for replacement of the current on-site water system for review and approval by HCA; upon HCA-approval of the plan, the facility must fully implement the plan to replace all equipment that could potentially be a source of Mycobacterium as indicated by laboratory testing and all on-site water system renovation and replacement must be reviewed by HCA, including laboratory testing as appropriate, to assure patient safety.




  1. Linda Shattuck says:

    I have mycobacterium avium complex(MAC),a pathogen in the same family as absusses. It is a horrible disease that cannot be understated. My treatment has been 6 1/2 antibiotics seven days per week for 4 1/2 years, stopped at the end of March. My dr stated chance of recurrence is 50% in one year, at which time stronger antibiotics, possibly intravenous, would be necessary.
    I am sharing this information to try to spread information about this horrible, life changing infection. It is EXTREMELY difficult to treat, and basiclly considered incurable.
    Numbers of cases are presently stated to be increasing 8% per year, yet the CDC does not considered it a reportable disease.
    There are no really effective treatments, and not enough research is funded.
    Thank you for your attention to this information.
    Linda Shattuck

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  3. Martina 2016 november says:

    Hallo ich habe bei brust Op mycobacterium abcesus bekommen.Musste ein Monat intravenös Antibiotika 4Stück einnehmen und weitere 3Monate oral eine Tablette am Ende Monat muss nochmal zum Arzt.Ich wohne im Deutschland und muss sagen es kennt sich fast kein Arzt mit diesem Keim aus echt schrecklich bis jemand bei mir angefangen hat zu handeln und mich behandeln 😥

  4. Martina 2016 november says:

    Hallo bist du wieder gesund?

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