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The mumps outbreak in northwest Arkansas is closing in on 700 cases, according to the latest data from the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) Monday.

Mumps virus/CDC

Mumps virus/CDC

The ADH is reporting 695 suspected and lab confirmed cases of mumps in Benton, Washington, and Madison  counties. There are currently 21 workplaces, 4 school districts, and 2 private schools impacted.

In Oklahoma, the mumps outbreak tally stands at 110, with 101 reported in Garfield County alone. Other counties affected by the outbreak include Kay (7), Osage (1) and Tulsa (1). Both cases in Tulsa and Osage counties are connected to outbreak activity in Garfield and Kay counties, according to health officials.

45 additional cases are currently under investigation. The Oklahoma State Department of Health says 85 (77%) of the 110 cases were vaccinated against the mumps.

This make Oklahoma the 6th state to record at least 100 mumps cases in 2016–Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Massachusetts are the others.

Through Oct. 15, 2,570 mumps cases have been reported nationwide in 45 states and the District of Columbia.




  1. Unknown says:

    I live in Lincoln, it is close to Springdale etc, and I am worried. 700? Are you kidding me! This just freaks me out. I’m scared about Farmington and others too? We don’t have forever? We need help. Try hard as possible-Unknown

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