Avian influenza, or bird flu, both in birds and in people has been in the news increasingly in recent months and nobody has chronicled the situations on several continents better than Mike Coston, Editor at the website, Avian Flu Diary.

Here are some of the top posts on avian flu from the website during the past several days:

H5N1 avian influenza/CDC
H5N1 avian influenza/CDC

January 19 

OIE Report: H5N1 In Israel 

Taiwan’s HPAI H5 Outbreak Expands – 239 Farms Confirmed 

Egypt MOH Confirms 20th H5N1 Case Of 2015 

January 18

Guangdong & Shanghai Report New H7N9 Cases

Japan: HPAI H5 Confirmed In Saga Prefecture

January 17 

Egyptian Media: 2 More H5N1 Cases & Antivirals Dispersed To Clinics In Sharqia 

H5N1 Detected In Swan Die Off In Henan Province

January 16 

Fujian Province Health: 15 New H7N9 Cases 

HPAI H5 In Okayama – Major Culling Ordered 

Taiwan Now Reporting Novel H5N3 In Poultry

January 15 

South Korea: 36 Hour Farm Lockdown To Halt AI & FMD 

JVI: The Emergence & Evolution Of H10 Avian Viruses In Chinese Poultry