The number of measles cases in Quebec, Canada has grow quickly from zero to 10 as  Lanaudiere health authorities announced a resident contracted the contagious virus during a visit to a park in California, believed to be Disneyland, according to a CTV news report.

Image/Perry-Castañeda Library

According to the report, two families in an area northeast of Montreal are fighting measles. The eight children and two adults have all been in close contact and live in the same area.

Apparently, none of those infected were vaccinated.

The Quebec cases follow the announcement earlier of at least four cases reported in Toronto, Ontario; however, the Ontario cases are not believed linked to travel. In addition, a case has been reported in Manitoba.

The CTV report has the Canadian measles total at 17.

According to Public Health Canada, the 4 Ontario cases reported during epidemiological week 04, 2015 were genotyped. All were determined to have an identical genotype D4 strain, based on the standard N-450 sequence, that was not identical to any sequence variant found in the WHO measles sequence database.