The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last week released the webinar, HHS Working Group on Lyme and Other Tickborne Diseases presents: Vaccines for Lyme Disease – Past, present, and future, which looks at such issues as Why we need a vaccine for Lyme disease?, Potential vaccine strategies and targets for Lyme disease, A critical appraisal of LYMErix and lessons learned and Progress toward a second generation Lyme vaccine.

The webinar is moderated by Dr. Ben Beard is the Associate Director for Climate Change and Chief of the Bacterial Diseases Branch of CDC’s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he coordinates CDC’s programs on Lyme disease, plague, and tularemia.

The CDC notes a Lyme disease vaccine is no longer available. The vaccine manufacturer discontinued production in 2002, citing insufficient consumer demand. Protection provided by this vaccine diminishes over time. Therefore, if you received the Lyme disease vaccine before 2002, you are probably no longer protected against Lyme disease.

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Black-legged tick
Ixodes scapularis, a Black-legged tick/CDC