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In a follow-up on the third ever Naegleria fowleri infection, and the second in 2020, in Costa Rica, the Ministry of Health reports the 4-year-old girl is “progressing satisfactorily”.

Image/Costa Rica MOH

Daniel Salas, the Minister of Health said the girl is “out of danger” and recovering thanks to prompt medical attention.

On Wednesday, businessmen and owners of hot springs met Mr. Salas, the Director General of Health, Priscila Herrera and the Director of Health Surveillance, Rodrigo Marín, in order to discuss the regulations that are promoted to the sector to prevent cases of amebic meningitis (computer translated).

The space allowed a positive exchange where both parties agreed on the importance of protecting the health of the population. Entrepreneurs expressed interest in actively participating in the public consultation of the regulation being promoted.

In addition, together with the National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR), they offered contributions of international legislation in order to be contemplated in the construction of the new regulations .