Although the Malaysia Health Ministry has not updated the dengue fever death toll in two weeks (remains at 117), the country’s total case count has exceeded 40,000 as of May 2 after an additional 179 cases were reported on that day.


To date, Malaysia has seen 40,007 dengue fever cases with 23,376 cases reported from Selangor state alone.

In the Americas, 12,445 additional chikungunya cases have been reported in the Western hemisphere with 10,000 of the new cases being reported from Colombia (new total of more than 285,000 cases).

In Mexico, the number of confirmed chikungunya cases is now at 906, increasing by 228 cases in the past two epidemiological weeks.

Since Dec. 2013, there has been 1,379,788 autochthonous chikungunya cases reported in the Americas.

In the Pacific, health officials on the Cook Islands the Chikungunya outbreak is on the rise, and has not yet reached its peak. According to a Radio New Zealand report, the director of hospital health services Henry Tikaka says there have been about 324 recorded cases of the virus since late last year.