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The dengue fever outbreak in New Delhi has grown to approximately 2,000 cases as national and city governments attempt to tackle the most cases seen in the city in years. The death toll as of this weekend stands at 21.

The India Health Ministry issued a new advisory to the Delhi government Saturday saying: In view of rains today morning and forecast by Indian Meteorology Department, there is a possibility of water stagnation in containers and disposed plastic and junk material giving rise to breeding of Aedes mosquitoes. As presently in Delhi and neighboring areas, circulation of Dengue virus is going on, it is advised that the vector control measures need to be intensified to contain the problem of dengue. You are requested to instruct all concerned officials and department to intensify the efforts.”

The Health Ministry had earlier directed all hospitals under the central government that no patient suffering from fever or suspected to have Dengue should be denied treatment and the bed strength, if needed, should be increased to accommodate all patients who are visiting the hospitals for treatment for suspected dengue.

The state government ordered the conversion 55 government-run dispensaries into ‘Fever and Dengue Clinics’. Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain has directed these clinics to remain functional from 7 am to 9 pm on all the days, including Sundays and holidays, till further orders.

Indian subcontinent/CIA

Indian subcontinent/CIA

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