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Denver environmental and health officials have issued a warning to the public concerning a health risk concerning Rx Green’s Autopilot capsules, a marijuana-infused product.

The advisory is due to concerns regarding the manufacturing process and lack of temperature controls in place to prevent bacterial growth.  There have been no reports of illness at this time.  This advisory has been issued as a result of a food safety inspection.

Consumers who have purchased Rx Green’s Autopilots Omega 3 & THC capsules should dispose of any product manufactured prior to September 17, 2015.  Containers of this product list a License # of 404R-00109 on the package.

Denver environmental health specialist, Rachel Burmeister said when a plant-oil-derived product made to be eaten is not refrigerated or manufactured using certain procedures, the agency becomes concerned that the bacteria that causes botulism might form.

The manufacturer, Rx Green, located in Aspen, Colo., has not issued a recall.  Consumers with questions about distribution outside of Denver should contact the manufacturer.


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  1. James kilough says:

    We spoke to RX green as my wife as been using this for months to sleep. I am a former FDA food safety control manager. Their SOP was sent to us and I can say someone way over reacted here or acted without facts. They heating rate indexes far exceeded any chance for any living spores of any type. We sent an email requesting more info from Denver environmental health with no reply. These are probably the most effective product in the MMJ world today as far as we are concerned. My wife suffers from severe insomnia and these capsules have saved her life, we don’t know where we would be with out them.
    No info avail to the public but someone should talk to the company and get their take, theirs always two sides to every story 🙂 also we noticed Denver enviro never bothered to let the public now they lifted the hold and now the product is suddenly okay! Shame on Denver Environmentak Health for not keeping the public informed and instead just scaring them.

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