Former Texas Congressman and veteran physician, Dr. Ron Paul doesn’t buy into the calls for a travel ban with West Africa saying it is a politically motivated.

Dr. Ron Paul Image/Video Screen Shot
Dr. Ron Paul
Image/Video Screen Shot

During an interview with Newsmax TV’s,  JD Hayworth, Dr. Paul said a travel ban is not necessary but just some good common sense (WATCH HERE).

The long time Duke trained OB/GYN went on to say, “But for a government to just ban all travel, I’m not much interested in that.”

“You’ve got to put it in perspective,” he explained. “We’re talking about one person that’s died, and we want to close down the world travel system.”

“Over 500 people still die from tuberculosis every year, so you have a much greater chance of getting tuberculosis by flying an airplane, but you don’t put a ban on everybody who has a cough to get on an airplane,” he said.

“Right now the flu season started, you know how many people are liable to die? Tens of thousands.” he said. “Actually the estimate is between 3,000 and 49,000 people die every year from the flu, so if you really want to do good for the world let’s ban all people who have a cold because they might have the flu.”

“Right now I would say a travel ban is politically motivated more than something done for medical purposes,” he added.

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