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The number of coronavirus cases in Ecuador continues its rise. According to the National Institute for Public Health Research (INSPI), of the 64,558 samples taken, 24,258 are positive for COVID-19. This is the third most cases reported in South America, behind Brazil and Peru.

Ecuador has reported 871 deaths to date.

The cases in the provinces are Galápagos 60, Guayas 10200, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas 179, Esmeraldas 164, Manabí 554, Santa Elena 347, Los Ríos 665, El Oro 448, Bolívar 125, Chimborazo 157, Imbabura 81, Tungurahua 145, Cotopaxi 87, Pichincha 1298, Carchi 49, Cañar 285, Azuay 426, Loja 223, Sucumbios 39, Orellana 30, Napo 19, Morona Santiago 61, Pastaza 43 and Zamora Chinchipe 43.

Cities reporting the most cases include Guayaquil and Quito.

Health officials say their are currently 27 hospitals for specific attention to coronavirus cases, 2,100 medical centers, and 133 hospitals enabled to attend to citizens for other types of consultations.

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