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Following the confirmation of a confirmed measles case in a Elgin Community College (ECC) student Tuesday, the Kane County Health Department informed the college that they will be offering the measles vaccine to unvaccinated students and employees who may have had contact with our student with measles.

Measles rash Image/CDC

Measles rash

Health Department Executive Director Barb Jeffers said the county expects to receive the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine from the Illinois Department of Public Health on Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015.

On Friday and again on Tuesday, the Health Department will offer the measles vaccine to those who were in the classroom or worked at the college in those areas where exposure may have occurred.

The vaccine will be offered free of charge and limited to individuals at the college who have not been vaccinated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the measles vaccine is very effective. One dose of measles vaccine is about 93 percent effective at preventing measles if exposed to the virus.

“We felt it was important to be proactive,” Jeffers said. “Part of our mission is to protect and promote health, and prevent disease, and that’s exactly what were hoping to do here.

“We’re working very closely with officials from Elgin Community Community College, and they were very gracious and accommodating in allowing us to come to their facility,” Jeffers added. “I also want to thank the professionals at the Illinois Department of Public Health. They said, ‘We will be there tomorrow.’ I am grateful that they could respond so quickly.”

The ECC student is a Cook County resident associated with the KinderCare outbreak, according to a NBC Chicago report Wednesday.

Cook County Department of Public Health officials say they have confirmed an 11th measles case in the county. To date, 10 of the cases are related to the Palatine KinderCare Learning Center.


  1. Angela says:

    Sooooo whose staying home for 28 days, the vaccinated students or the immune comprimised students???? Who will take responsibility when someones child at home gets the measles from the vaccinated???
    What happens when immune compromised students are in the school and another student, any grade, or a teacher, gets a vaccination? Does the immune compromised stay home for 28 days (as per CDC, cancer clinics, NICUs and the manufacturers inserts) or does the newly vaccinated student?
    Are they going to stop flu clinics at the schools to protect the immune compromised?
    Are notes going to be sent home with new rules and punishments for students that don’t wash hands? Get dirty at recess? Come to school with a mild cold?
    What about teachers with children at home, will they have to stay home if their child is sick or newly vaccinated?
    Who is going to be responsible when a vaccinated child passes measles, mumps, flu ect to other vaccinated students?
    Will all students be required to walk softly if there is a student with a cast?

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