The number of confirmed Enterovirus D68 cases in Alberta, Canada has nearly doubled, according to new data from Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Image/Jean Gagnon
Image/Jean Gagnon

The total cases jumped 41 cases since the last report, bringing the total number to 93. Calgary saw a big increase in cases going from 31 to 52.

In addition, AHS continues the investigation into  four cases of neurological syndrome in individuals to determine if they have Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68). These four cases are pediatric and most had some prior symptoms of viral illness and/or respiratory symptoms (fever, cough, runny or congested nose) before experiencing limb weakness and/or facial numbness.

Enteroviruses are a common group of viruses that can cause various types of illness, including respiratory illness that effects the nose, throat and lungs.

Much like many other respiratory illnesses, we often see an increase in cases of enterovirus in the fall and winter seasons. In recent weeks, as expected, Alberta has seen an increase in respiratory illnesses, including those caused by enteroviruses.

At this time, it is NOT known whether the cases of EV-D68 recently confirmed in Alberta are the same strain as the strain of EV-D68 currently circulating in the USA.

In the US, there has been confirmed a total of 780 people from 46 states and the District of Columbia with respiratory illness caused by EV-D68. For more infectious disease news and information, visit and “like” the Infectious Disease News Facebook page