It’s funny, how we all make excuses to not work out and want a fabulous body at the same time. One of the most common excuses for not working out is not having time as well as enough money to go to the gym. Now, I don’t think that these excuses can stay anymore because many affordable fitness accessories are available in the market for all those of you who are a little tight on budget.  You can buy these and work out in the confines of your own house eliminating your monthly gym fees and travelling time. The following list of affordable fitness equipment has something for everyone!

Image/Simon Speed
Image/Simon Speed



There are large number/types of waist trimmers available in supermarkets and online retailers. Whether a waist trimmer actually helps in reducing belly fat or not is a debatable topic and no studies have come out yet on the same. Though some people claim to have witnessed a positive result using these waist trimmers and since, they do not cost a fortune but only a few bucks, why not try it on your own?



It consists of a wheels like structure with two handles attached to the center of the wheel for holding on to the equipment. This equipment primary function is to strength the core. While exercising on an ab wheel, your lower back is put under a lot of pressure and therefore after your workout on it you might feel sever back ache. It is advisable to strengthen your back before using this equipment to avoid injury.



A 10 mm mat makes an excellent choice for abdominal and stretching routine. While you perform your exercises, you do not feel your bones digging into the floor, thanks to the exercise mat.



Jumping rope fulfills your cardio workout requirements. This form of cardio lets you burn more amounts of calories in a shorter period of time. Sometimes when you don’t want to run on the treadmill or more importantly you don’t own those expensive treadmill machines, jumping ropes can help you reach a high heart beat and burn those unwanted calories.


Also known as Swiss, Physio or exercise ball can be used alone or combined with other exercise routines like yoga, hamstring curls, pronto, pikes, planks, Pilates, stretching, hip bridges , cardio routines or anything else, the combinations are endless. A stability ball provides for a full body workout, so get ready to have a killer body and grab all eye balls around you using this not so expensive workout accessory.


There are light, medium and heavy resistance bands available in the market.  Basically these bands are used to increase the resistance of any exercise. They are light in weight and occupy a very little space and thus easy to store. When you have a tight budget resistance bands prove to be a good workout accessory to buy.



They are available from 3 kgs to 25 kgs and more, much like the dumbbells they build up the core strength. Since the weight of kettle bells hangs a little lower than its handles, it is not easy to control asking for more active movements of the muscles. Obviously more movement of the muscles means burning a larger amount of calories and strengthening of muscles.


You can easily avail any one of these instruments and start exercising at home. Before buying, consult with your physiotherapist and see which one suits your need and requirement. The price range of this equipment is so low that it will never burn a hole in your pocket.

Written by Arya Mullen