In a follow-up to the report from the Florida Department of Health one week ago concerning measles cases in the state, health officials say there has been no spread to date.

Florida map/National Atlas of the United States
Florida map/National Atlas of the United States

On the Tampa-based talk  show, Outbreak News This Week radio show Sunday, Michael Wiese, MPH, Epidemiologist with the Florida Department of Health came on the show to give an update on what is happening in the Sunshine State.

“The four cases were in travelers, not in Florida residents, that were then identified as to have measles, so the state of Florida has been working very carefully with federal officials as well as state and local county health departments to identify any contacts that may have come in contact and been exposed with those measles cases to see if we’ve had any additional transmission of measles.

“At this point we’re happy to report that we have not had any additional cases related to those travelers”, Wiese said.

Mr. Wiese could not say where the travelers were from, where they visited and if any were linked to Disneyland at the time of the interview.