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The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that they would be sending a mission into Guinea-Bissau to assist in a Zika outbreak which has affected four people, according to a Sapo report (computer translated).



The government of Guinea-Bissau is demonstrating strong leadership in response to these findings, according to WHO.

The president of the National Public Health of Guinea-Bissau Institute, Placido Cardoso, said that the analyzes were continuing in Dakar to determine the type of virus and what is its origin, since the three infected people claimed to have had no contact with people from Cape Verde and Brazil. These two countries are taken by the Guinean health authorities as the closest of Guinea-Bissau where he could from the virus.

Placido Cardoso said that the Ministry of Public Health “will set traps” in ports, airports and the Bijagos islands, to capture mosquitoes that will be studied to eventually determine the entomological profile of the virus that arrived in Guinea-Bissau.

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