By NewsDesk   @bactiman63

In an interview on Yahoo EntertainmentThe Hot Zone author, Richard Preston discussed another virus that we could see in the post-COVID era–Nipah virus.

This is a scanning electron micrograph of Nipah virus (yellow) budding from the surface of a cell.

Preston said, “It’s been engaging in small outbreaks. It’s another bat virus, but it’s a totally different family [from the coronavirus]. It’s related to measles. It’s been breaking out in Southeast Asia. And right now it’s not very infectious in humans.

“But it gets in through your lungs and then it migrates from the lungs to the brain where it causes personality changes, spotty liquefaction of the brain and death. Now, if something like that [a relative of NIPAH] were to become highly contagious … if the thing was spreading in the air that caused personality changes and spotty liquefaction of the brain, we would have a really big problem.”