In a follow-up to an article yesterday, How is Asia preparing for Ebola?, I wanted to look at the preparedness plans of two more Asian countries with large population centers–India and Thailand.

India Image/CIA

In the world’s second most populous country, with over 1.2 billion people, India has taken the following precautions and measures to prevent an Ebola outbreak: Airline passenger screening, hospitals were identified as centers for Ebola treatment, the training of physicians and other health workers, the performance of mock drills, the strengthening of laboratory services throughout the country and the training of immigration officers.

In Thailand, health officials express confidence in preventing a Ebola outbreak. “We’ve prepared for all kinds of diseases in the past like SARS , bird flu and swine flu”, says DDC director Opart Karnkowingpong.

These include measures of monitoring incoming travelers, treatment, surveillance, proper use of PPE (donning and doffing), and 67 disease control stations air, land and sea ports of entry across the country.