The Municipal Corporation of Delhi is reporting a surge of dengue fever in the Indian capital as officials report 158 new cases during the past week, bringing the total to 277 this year. This compares to to the 26 cases reported last year.

Indian subcontinent/CIA
Indian subcontinent/CIA

This is the highest number of cases in the city in at least five years, India media reports. The number of cases from January 1 to August 14 for the other four years are – 26 (2014), 54 (2013), 10 (2012), 46 (2011). For the same period in 2010, nearly 300 cases were reported.

In addition, authorities say two people have died from the mosquito borne disease.

More than 900 mile to the south, another mosquito borne disease has been detected in more than 3,000 Odisha students. The Times of India reports as many as 3,434 students of government-run residential schools in Kandhamal district of Odisha have tested positive for malaria.

Blood samples on nearly 20,000 people were performed at more than 200 schools in the region after  65 of 143 students of a primary residential school at Ranipathara were found suffering from the mosquito borne parasite.

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