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HIV/AIDS cases in India have declined year-after-year since 2012, according to newly published data. The total cases seen this year through September is 93,336. This compares to a consistent decrease in cases since 2012–2012 (245,859), 2013 (240,234) and 2014 (223,723).



India has implemented a number programs to prevent and control HIV/AIDS to include Targeted Intervention (Targeted Interventions comprise preventive interventions working with focused client populations in a defined geographic area where there is a concentration of one or more High Risk Groups (HRGs), community-based interventions, condom promotion, basic services that include free counseling and testing for HIV infection, prevention of parent to child transmission which includes free counseling and testing of pregnant women, detection of HIV positive pregnant women, and the administration of prophylactic ARV drugs to HIV positive pregnant women and their infants to prevent the mother to child transmission of HIV and a communication strategy that aims to motivate behavioral change among most at risk populations, raise awareness and risk perception among general population, particularly youth and women.

In India, the major factors linked to HIV/AIDS transmission include unprotected sexual intercourse including Men who have sex with Men (95%), HIV infected pregnant women to her fetus or infant before, during or after birth (3%), Use of improperly sterilized needles and syringes that have been in contact with infected blood can transmit HIV (0.9%), Transfusion of infected blood, blood products & transplantation of HIV infected organs or tissues (0.1%) and Non-specified factors (1%).


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