When we travel there are always the issues of flight delays, lost luggage and the long lines going through security.

What about the food? It may not be the tastiest meals we ever had but most people are not concerned with the safety.

Well until now.

After an inspection late last year of LSG SkyChefs facility in Denver, Colorado you make think twice about the quality of the airline food.

The US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) inspection team found some of the worst, most disgusting sanitary conditions that it’s hard to imagine eating airline food again.

In a Warning Letter and Notice of Provisional Status letter issued by the FDA in December sent to LSG Skychefs, an example of some of the violations is:

A. Insects and vermin found in food preparation areas

1. In the cart wash area: TNTC (too numerous to count) live and dead roaches
2. Silverware station: 40 live roaches
3. In addition, roaches and ants are found throughout the hot kitchen, the pots and pans room and the dishwasher.

B. In food handling areas

1. Employees handling food with bare hands
2. Water leaks
3. Holes in the wall which were an entrance for insects and vermin

C. And finally, in environmental monitoring samples collected from various areas of the food processing facility, several sites grew the bacterium, Listeria monocytogenes, including areas in the hot kitchen area.

LSG Skychefs, Denver will need to get their act together before re-inspection. If they fail again they could be shut down.

There are no known or reported cases of disease transmission as a result of the above violations.