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Has teen celeb Kylie Jenner gone anti-vaxx? Is she following in the footsteps of other ill-informed celebrities Donald Trump, Jenny McCarthy and Kristin Cavallari?

Image/ Gossip Cop via Twitter

Image/ Gossip Cop via Twitter

Apparently so.

She recently and briefly posted the following on Twitter: a photo of a child getting a vaccine, with the caption, “Lack of food. Lack of shelter. Lack of clean water. But don’t worry… Billions of Dollars in Vaccines Have Arrived!”

However, she apparently lost her nerve and removed the post after a rapid barrage of criticism. Let’s chalk this up to a youthful mistake?

In a follow-up to the report of Emory University receiving a suspected Lassa fever case this weekend, the hospital tweeted: Patient arrived early Sat. a.m., in Serious Communicable Diseases Unit, symptoms consistent w/ fever-related illness.

Awaiting more information on this case.




  1. Lee says:

    I thought the vaxx thing was just for retarding and getting rid of people? Makes us wonder, in hindsight, if we weren’t fooled all along….but people forget

  2. […] Emory University Hospital in Atlanta is treating another American infected with Lassa. There has been no updates on this case since a tweet on Mar. 12. […]

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