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Madagascar plague epidemic remains active in 12 districts, New case counts from BNGRC

In a follow-up on the plague epidemic in Madagascar, the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC) has reported the following information as of Oct. 31:

Yersinia pestis

The epidemic remains active in 12 districts.

The total number of cases (1,836) is already almost 5 times higher than the average annual total (September to April). However, there has been a slow-down in new cases of plague from 477 new cases during week 41 of the current outbreak (9-15 October) to 161 new cases during week 43 (23-29 October).

Medical and non-medical responses to pneumonic plague (as compared to the bubonic form) is challenging in urban environments due to population density and mass transit. The capital Antananarivo, a transport and trade hub, has been most affected. The urban context increases risk for the all actors involved in the response, including social workers, members of security and defense forces, journalists, sanitation workers, communication workers, volunteers and particularly for health workers, of whom 77 have been infected to date.