A new report on the state of health in Mumbai, India was released by the non-partisan organization, Praja. Some of the key data from the report is as follows:


  • Since the last 5 years 37,501 people have died due to TB, averaging 7500 every year, a total of 21 fatalities daily in Mumbai
  • Case fatality rate in TB is very high: every 7th person having TB dies
  • Dengue has gone up 5 times, currently the total number of cases are 10299
  • The gap between male and female deaths due to TB has doubled with 2171 Female deaths in 2014-15 compared to 4315 Male deaths.
  • A significant number of citizens have died in the productive age of 20-39 due to Malaria (35%), TB (30.2%), Dengue (37.6%).
  • Out of the total deaths due to Diarrhea, children below the age of 4 account for 36.2% of the deaths.
  • As per our surveys, only 32% use only government health facilities, 52% of people use only private facilities, while the rest (16%) use a combination of public and private health services.
  • 71% families in Mumbai do not have a medical insurance in year 2015.
  • 21% respondents reported to have spent more than 11% of their annual income on hospital/medical costs in 2015.
  • SEC E* has highest occurrence of diseases per 1000 households such as Malaria (74), Dengue (14), Diabetes (72) and Cancer (12).
  • The productive age* group (18-40 years) suffers the most.

Read the entire Praja report, The State of Health in Mumbai HERE

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria/CDC
Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria/CDC