An outbreak of gastrointestinal illness presenting symptoms resembling norovirus has hit some 20  Greek students in two separate houses on the North Carolina State University campus, according to the school’s health center.


Students started showing symptoms of the “stomach flu” on Monday. The University does state that this has not been diagnosed as norovirus.

However, they are taking precautions to contain the spread of the outbreak.

Wake County Health Department is in the process of trying to determine the causative agent of the outbreak.

The University is taking several measures to contain the outbreak to include having students exhibiting gastrointestinal issues stay in their residences, working with Greek Life to contact all of the sick students as a follow-up and providing thorough cleanings of the facilities each day.

“With gastrointestinal illness, the most important way to stop the spread is to practice good hand washing and hand hygiene, they advise the campus community.

“If you are exhibiting symptoms and feel ill, you should carefully wash your hands after any bathroom visit. If you are ill, you should not prepare food for or serve food to others. It is also important to get adequate rest and good fluid hydration, both when ill and when trying not to become ill.”