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Last night on the Outbreak News This Week Radio Show, I examined the arguments on whether it’s safe to travel to Rio this summer for the Olympic Games with the scourge of mosquito borne diseases plaguing Brazil, most notably Zika virus.



The point-counter point is based on two recent articles arriving at different conclusions on whether it’s safe or should the Games be cancelled.

During the second half, with anthrax outbreaks making the radar in Bangladesh and Kenya, and the infected cow reported in Texas, I dug up a old recorded interview not previously aired on the radio.

Now retired Professor & Extension Veterinarian with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Dr Floron (Buddy) C. Faries gave a detailed explanation on anthrax in the United States, weather conditions that enhance disease transmission and the pathology of the bacterial disease in animals in this 2013 interview.

In addition, Faries also explained what the procedures were when an animal is discovered sick or dead from anthrax. He also explained the importance of vaccinating livestock with the anthrax vaccine.

Listen to the podcast below:

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  1. M Tellesey says:

    Very important topic. I’m a father of an athlete who is heading for the Olympics. Our family is planning to travel to Rio but very concern about the Zika and other concerns which you covered. We are outraged to hear comments from authorities that attempt to shift their responsibilities of protecting the health of athletes and their families on them by giving them the “choice to attend” the games knowing that the choice for athletes to attend is compared to choice between life or death. If the athletes are given this responsibility then I would like to suggest to allow them also the choice to relocate the games if the majority wish to do so. Only then I can assure you the answer will reflect how athletes feel about Rio which will certainly be to relocate! Thank you

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