On the first show of the year on Jan. 4, Outbreak News This Week Radio show host Robert Herriman looked at some of the top infectious disease news of the week.

outbreak squareFirst was the case of the recent New York City baby who contracted neonatal herpes simplex-1 after receiving direct oral suction during a ritual Jewish circumcision procedure.

This was the fourth case of 2014 reported in NYC.

During the Ebola update, the latest case count was discussed, which led to the news of West Africa’s battle with malaria while the Ebola outbreak saps all health care resources.

A look at Ebola Czar Ron Klain’s appearance on Face the Nation where Mr Klain talked about the recent CDC mishap and the situation in the US and Africa.

The recent stories about shigella outbreaks in Brooklyn, Indiana and San Francisco were discussed.

Listen to the complete podcast below:

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