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The State Minister of Health of Pakistan, Zafar Mirza reported on Twitter today: I can confirm first two cases of corona virus in Pakistan. Both cases are being taken care of according to clinical standard protocols & both of them are stable. No need to panic, things are under control.

Mirza later said that one of the cases was reported in Sindh while the second was confirmed in “federal areas”. He added that both the affected persons had traveled to Iran in the last two weeks.

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Pakistani news source, Dawn reports the patient from Sindh is a 22-year-old male patient travelled to Iran where he acquired COVID-19. The patient travelled from Iran to Karachi by plane on February 20. He and his family have been placed in quarantine and the Health Department is in the process of examining all the passengers that he travelled with.

No information is available about the second case.

Mirza also tweeted: No need to panic about Coronavirus but be careful and act responsibly! Remember, 97% cases of Coronavirus fully recover.