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Since confirming the first case of influenza A (H1N1) in late April, the number of cases in Panama requiring hospitalization due to this type of flu has grown to more than 1800, including 42 fatalities, according to local media (computer translated).



The death toll includes three recent cases confirmed yesterday, said director of the Gorgas Memorial Institute, Nestor Sossa. The deaths include two adults from the district of Arraijan and an infant from Ngäbe-Bugle.

Of the more than 1800 requiring hospitalization, more than 300 remain hospitalized.

Since the end of April more than 1.6 million flu vaccine doses have been administered. An additional 200,000 doses arrived in the country Monday.

In recent weeks the Panamanian government urged people to get vaccinated against influenza, which has caused riots in some medical centers due to vaccine shortages.




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