In the observance of the Holy Week this year, the Philippines Department of Health posed this timely reminder to keep one’s self hydrated especially during, as what experts claim to be, the dry season, particularly on those who will do their annual rounds of Visita Iglesia.

Image/Howard the Duck
Image/Howard the Duck

“Remember to always carry a water bottle, ready-to-eat meals and umbrella as you visit churches,” Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III reminded the public. He added that by doing these simple tips, one can avoid diseases that are rampant during the dry spell such as heat stroke or severe exhaustion. “When feeling exhausted or hazy, immediately grab a glass of cold water,” Duque continued.

He also cautioned penitents or those having themselves nailed on the cross to ensure that nails and other sharp objects to be used during the penitential act are well sterilized to avoid contracting tetanus infection. Tetanus can be easily contracted with the use of unsterilized or rusty nails.

Tetanus: Philippines DOH gives Holy Week advice

Hypertensive or people with high blood pressure are advised to stay home, especially between 10AM to 3PM usually when the temperature is at its peak, as hypertension can be aggravated by severe heat and too much sun exposure.

Avoid bringing of small children or babies in crowded places to prevent them from contracting diseases, as they have lowered resistance against infections compared to adult/teens

When travelling during the Holy Week, the public is advised to bring medicines along with other necessities as a safety precaution. Before setting on a journey, one must first check the road worthiness of the vehicle.

The public is cautioned as well against other emerging diseases this dry season including sore eyes or conjunctivitis, cough and colds, skin diseases and rabies.

“The DOH is one with the Christian community in observing the solemnity of the Holy Week. We would like to emphasize that it can also be enjoyable it is disease-free, worry-free and stress-free all throughout the season,” the Secretary concluded.