Stop snoring

The Israeli Ministry of Health is warning the public of a jackal that tested positive for rabies in Hamat Gader.


Hamat Gader is a hot springs site in the Yarmouk River valley.

Officials are asking any person exposed to a suspect rabid animal or a stray animal, or any pet owner that their pet was exposed to aforementioned animals, to urgently contact the Tiberias Health Bureau.

The Ministry of Health asks this information be shared with travelers and vacationers in the area and adjacent places.

Parents should ask their children whether they were exposed to suspect rabid animals and urgently contact the local health bureau. Pet owners should contact the county vet to check on their pets’ immunization status.

The Ministry of Health would like to remind members of the public that in case of a bite or scrach by an animal, immediately rinse the affected area with running water and soap, disinfect it, and then proceed to a health bureau to check whether rabies preventive treatment is necessary.