El Paso County Public Health in Colorado have reported a dog that tested positive for rabies and say individuals and animals who have been exposed to the rabid dog have been assessed by health officials and are receiving preventative vaccination. This is the first reported case of a rabid dog in El Paso County since 1974.


El Paso County Public Health can’t confirm where the dog’s rabies vaccine came from or who administered the vaccine, based upon further information received.

Rabies has largely been eliminated in domestic animals in the United States through successful vaccination and licensing programs. All domestic animals in El Paso County are required by law to be vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian. This ensures that the vaccine is given properly (that is, the proper type of vaccine, dose, route of administration, storage conditions, frequency of boosters, etc.) and will prevent the spread of disease. Self-administering a rabies vaccine that was purchased at a store does not guarantee protection against rabies and the pet will be considered unvaccinated.

This year three animals (dog, skunk and a fox) have tested positive for rabies in El Paso County.