The intensive care unit (ICU) at the Hospital de Fuenlabrada has been closed after two patients tested positive for the fungal infection, Aspergillosis.

Aspergillus fumigatus/CDC
Aspergillus fumigatus/CDC

According to a Gente report (computer translated), two patients, ages 60 and 80, were in the ICU due to a general infection and another after an operation, have been transferred to another hospital and are in stable condition.

The hospital will carry out an “absolute cleaning”, as well as a series of “exhaustive biological controls”, explained the medical director, Antonio Zapatero. In addition, all the material in the unit will be dismantled and samples will be collected to determine the origin of the infection. This process includes the “cleaning of respirators” and all medical material and instruments.

The ICU is expected to reopen the middle of next week.

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Aspergillus is a filamentous fungus that can cause infections and is especially dangerous in people with compromised health. The detection of these two cases, along with two other suspects, motivated the decision to transfer to Reanimation four other patients who remained admitted to the ICU. “They are patients clinically compromised and with problems of defenses”, explained Álvarez.

However, the Center’s management ruled out that there was any risk to the population. “The situation is normal,” said Zapatero, who said that these infections tend to be relatively “usual” in hospitals.