While the world keeps their eyes focused on the Ebola situation in West Africa,  Sudanese officials have acknowledged an outbreak of a potential hemorrhagic fever in the southern province of South Kordofan.


Radio Dabanga reports that at least 25 people in Kadugli, Abu Jubaiha, and Habila localities have complained of the unknown fever. They described the symptoms to the news source as high fever, vomiting, and headaches with a high mortality rate.

The public says the government has ignored their pleas for help; however, South Kordofan’s Minister of Health Abdallah Imam El Tom acknowledged the illnesses and sent a medical team to the area. He also said that to date, there has been no deaths.

In late October, two people in El Fula, West Kordofan died from a unknown disease exhibiting similar Ebola-like symptoms.

The health minister said a similar, larger outbreak of unknown etiology was reported there last year.

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