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With the dengue fever outbreak situation more than double the previous high of 15,732 cases seen last year, high ranking government officials announced this week that dengue prevention and control was to be included as annual routine work item and preparedness and response efforts needed to be completed every year before the rainy season in order to respond to the outbreak more readily.

Taiwan map/CIA

Taiwan map/CIA

This came from Premier Mao Chi-kuo at the 2015 National Dengue Fever Conference.

The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control would be revising the Guidelines for Dengue Control to change the existing two-stage (non-outbreak period and emergency) prevention and control strategies to three-stage (non-outbreak period, sporadic occurrence, and cluster infection) prevention and control strategies in order to reinforce investigation on vector mosquitoes, cleaning of vector breeding sites, supplementary chemical vector control, early community mobilization and awareness campaigns and prevent large-scale cluster infections.

Since this summer, a cumulative total of 35,744 indigenous dengue cases, including 22,486 cases in Tainan City, 12,589 cases in Kaohsiung City, 232 cases in Pingtung City and imported and sporadic cases in other cities and counties, have been confirmed. Thus far, a cumulative total of 158 deaths, including 112 deaths in Tainan City, 44 deaths in Kaohsiung City, and 2 deaths in Pingtung City, were found to be linked with dengue infection.

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