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The Thailand Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) reported an additional 103 confirmed COVID-19 cases today, bringing the country total to 1,978. Health officials say 15 of the new cases were identified in people entering the country.

The Thai Government has announced that between now and 15 April, Thailand will take steps to reduce the number of people entering the country.

The government also announced a nationwide curfew beginning today April 3rd. All residents are instructed to remain inside their homes between the hours of 10pm and 4am.

62 of 76 provinces have now reported laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19. Approximately half of the cases to date have occurred in Bangkok and half have been detected in other provinces.

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MOPH is instituting additional measures to include:

  • The government requests that everyone wear a cloth mask when outside their home. To date, 43 million cloth masks have already been distributed.
  • The government is preparing to use some hotels as field hospitals. A total of 16,000 rooms from contracted hotels will be used for the isolation and care of mildly ill patients. Persons with
    adequate facilities in their homes (e.g. private room, separate bathroom) may be permitted to stay in self-quarantine. The contracted hotels will be inspected according to criteria set by the MOPH.
  • Measures are being taken to ensure the availability of drugs, medical supplies and equipment