Measles continues to spread in Canada with cases reported from Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba provinces, according to Canadian health officials.

Ontario map/public domain wikimedia commons
Ontario map/public domain wikimedia commons

In Toronto, ON, the case count has increased to seven as of Feb. 14, according to Toronto Public Health. This brings the number of cases reported in Ontario to nine (with single cases reported in Niagara and York).

This compares to the 22 measles cases reported in the province during the entirety of 2014.

Of the eight cases reported as of Feb. 10, they  ranged in age from 13 months to 46 years of age (median age is 23.5 years). Two of eight cases were children, both of whom were one year of age. The remaining six cases were adults over 18 years of age, one of whom was born before 1970. Five of the cases were females while three cases were males.

None of the cases reported traveling outside of Canada 7-21 days before rash onset. As of February 10, 2015, the confirmed cases do not appear to be epidemiologically linked and no subsequent transmission has been reported.

Measles genotype results from the first 4 cases in Toronto did not match the strain found among cases in the United States linked to the ongoing outbreak.