The number of deaths due to Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in West Africa has passed the 4,000 mark, according to health officials from the outbreak countries.

Public domain image/Mondo Magic
Public domain image/Mondo Magic

In a World Health Organization (WHO) update today, a total of 8399 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) have been reported in seven affected countries (Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Spain, and the United States of America) up to the end of 8 October. There have been 4033 deaths.

8376 (probable, confirmed and suspected) cases and 4024 deaths have been reported from the three West African countries.

In related news, in response to the fatality in Kampala, Uganda due to the related filovirus, Marburgvirus, the US State Department issued a warning to travelers to the African nation about Marburg.

“Travelers should exercise caution if visiting or working in areas where the disease is known to be present and immediately report to the nearest health facility if they think they may have been exposed or are exhibiting symptoms consistent with the disease,” the report published on Wednesday said.

Clarifying that Marburg is NOT a new virus, the report stated, “Like Ebola, Marburg virus may be spread through direct contact with body fluids like saliva, urine, or blood of an infected person, or the body of someone who has died from the disease.”

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