In an update on the diphtheria and cholera outbreak situation in war-torn Yemen, as of Feb. 10, there are 1,032 probable diphtheria cases, including 64 associated deaths, in 161 districts among 20 governorates in the country.

Ibb (407) and Al Hudaydah (133) governorates are the most affected. Children under the 5 years of age represent 30 % of probable cases and 47 % of deaths.

WHO, UNICEF and MoPHP have developed a strategic fixed site vaccination campaign taking into account availability of vaccines and access.  The campaign is planned to take place on 24-29 February.

According to the World Health Organization, 1,068,520 cholera cases and 2,261 deaths as of February 25. The current outbreak started on Apr. 27, 2017.  The outbreak has hit 22 out of 23 governorates (96%) and 305 out of 333 districts (92%).

While the outbreak has slowed in recent months, UN health officials say that may change with the upcoming rainy seasons. WHO Deputy Director General for Emergency Preparedness and Response Peter Salama said, “Usually cholera cases increase corresponding to those rainy seasons. So we expect one surge in April, and another potential surge in August.”

Yemen map/L'Américain
Yemen map/L’Américain