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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a travel notice this week for Uttar Pradesh, India due to a Zika virus outbreak.


The outbreak, which started in October, has accounted for 152 cases–two thirds of the total cases reported in India.

The CDC advises:

Zika is a disease caused by Zika virus that is primarily spread through mosquito bites. Zika can also be spread through sex.

Many people who are infected with Zika virus do not have symptoms. For those who do have symptoms, they are usually mild and include fever, rash, headache, joint pain, conjunctivitis, and muscle pain. Symptoms usually last for several days to a week.

Zika can be passed from a pregnant person to the fetus. Infection during pregnancy can cause certain birth defects. Currently, there is no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat Zika.

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