South Korean health authorities have reported the first confirmed case of the mosquito-borne virus, Zika, in a traveler who returned from Brazil, according to local media.

South Korea (in orange)/ Aridd at the wikipedia project
South Korea (in orange)/ Aridd at the wikipedia projecto

Health officials say the 43-year-old man returned to Korea via Frankfurt Airport in Germany on March 11. He visited the South American country for work purposes from Feb. 17-March 9. He began to experience symptoms, including fever and muscle pain, on March 16.

The patient is currently in stable condition and not experiencing any symptoms.

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Because of the strong possible link with Zika virus to the birth defect, microcephaly, The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) strongly advises that pregnant women and those considering becoming pregnant consider postponing travel to countries where Zika is circulating, including countries of Latin America and Thailand.

Jung Ki-suk, director of the KCDC said women returning from a Zika-affected country to delay pregnancy for at least two months after returning to Korea and because to the possibility of sexual transmission of the virus, men should use condoms for at least 30 days after returning home.