Mosquitoes multiply easily in a span of a week, especially in places with warm weather or high humidity. Here are 16 tried and test ways to help you get rid of mosquitoes easily.

Remove Stagnant Water
Check outside your home if there is stagnant water. Stagnant water is usually found in pails, tires, puddles or any containers with unused water. Remove them all. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and they multiply quickly. If you have a storage for water, you must make sure that they are covered all the time.


Plant Herbs
It has been found that planting herbs such as rosemary, citronella and lavender around your home is an effective way to get rid of mosquitoes. The smell of these herbs repel mosquitoes away. You can choose to have them outside your house or plant these herbs in small, decorative pots and place them inside your home.

Apply Insect Repellant
Staying outdoors during hiking and camping is the perfect time for mosquitoes to attack you. Whether you are in indoors or outdoors, you must make it a habit to apply insect repellant lotion. This may not be effective for a long time but it still protects you from insect bite. You should apply repellant lotion with N-Diethyl-3-Methylbenzamide (DEET). You can also choose to wear natural oil-based repellant such as citronella oil or tea tree oil.

This may not as safe and natural as other methods but spraying insecticides is effective in eliminating mosquitoes. Just make sure that when you spray inside your home, nobody is around and all your windows and doors are closed to trap the mosquitoes in.

Scented Candles
Another inexpensive way to get rid of mosquitoes is through scented candles. Choose candles with citronella and lavender scents because they effectively repel mosquitoes.

Mosquito Trapping System
You can also use machines that generate heat and carbon dioxide to lure mosquitoes, trap and kill them. This method can be expensive but they are truly effective. Some air exchangers are also capable of getting rid of mosquitoes.

Dish of Soapy Water
This is a home remedy to trap mosquitoes. Whenever you are entertaining outdoor, place a dish outside with soapy water in it. You can use dishwashing or detergent soap to create bubbles. Mosquitoes are attracted to water and once they are in the water, they get trap in the bubbles and die.

There are those who believe that eating garlic is one way to minimize mosquitoes but this has not been proven. However, using it as a barrier can be effective. Growing garlic around your house repels mosquitoes away. You can also choose to sprinkle garlic powder in your yard to get rid of these insects.

Trim Grass and Bushes
Another effective way to eliminate mosquitoes is to mow your grass and trim your bushes regularly. Mosquitoes love to hide in overgrown, dark places and cutting down tall grass will keep them away from your property.

Mosquito Nets
Though it is not a method of getting rid of mosquitoes, using a mosquito net protects you from getting bitten with this insect. Its bite can bring disease or allergic reactions. Use mosquito nets during nighttime while you are sleeping.

Screen Doors and Windows
Attach screens to your doors and windows to prevent mosquitoes from getting inside your home. You can also use silicon caulk or screen patches to cover gaps and holes. Placing screens and covers stops mosquitoes from invading inside your house.

Air Curtains
Air curtains are usually used in commercial establishments to get rid of mosquitoes. There are placed in entryways, driveways and concession stands. There are now available machines used for residences as well. Installation and maintenance of air curtains are easy and fast.

Installing Pump to Ponds and Pools
Ponds and pools with stagnant water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. You need to use siphon pump to let the water flow. You can install the best swimming pool heat pump and design a pond or pool that allows water to flow. You also need to treat your pools with chemicals that can repel mosquitoes.

Mosquito Misting System
Mosquito misting system uses insecticide to eliminate mosquitoes. The machines are either drum-based or tankless. They are activated through a remote control. Most of them have programmable setting that you can set on when they will be activated.

LED Lights
LED lights, sodium lamps and yellow bug lamps are a great way to prevent mosquitoes from invading your home. You can place these lights in your porch, patio, near the door or windows.

Clean Regularly
Another breeding ground for mosquitoes is a dirty place. Clean your home regularly. Avoid piling up clothes or items because their spaces can be a home to mosquitoes. Keep your home bright, clean and organized all the time.

There is no known way that will totally get rid of all mosquitoes. This list only provides short-term or temporary protection against these insects. You need to take this issue seriously because there are countless of deaths recorded that are caused by mosquitoes. You need to be vigilant and cautious all the time on where mosquitoes live and breed. You need to educate your family members and friends on the right ways to minimize the presence of mosquitoes. You can ask your local health center on some preventive measures to do to get rid of mosquitoes.

Janet Miller is a serial entrepreneur, reformed workaholic and cofounder of Jen Reviews. She writes about habits and entrepreneurship and has been featured on Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha and MindBodyGreen. Connect with her on Twitter.