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Taipei dengue

Taiwanese health officials reported the first local transmission of dengue fever in Taipei this year. It was a 30-year-old male from Jian’anli in Da’an District. He had no history of recent travel.

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In response to the first case of local dengue fever in Taipei, the health unit has conducted risk assessment, vector mosquito density survey and outdoor chemical control for the surrounding areas of the case.

Year-to-date, Taiwan has reported 74 locally-acquired dengue fever cases–Kaohsiung City (51), Tainan City (19), New Taipei City (2), Taoyuan City (1) and Taipei (1).

314 imported dengue cases have also been reported.


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More measles

According to the Department of Disease Control, five new cases of measles have been identified in the country, all of which were contacts of the index case identified on August 14.

The index case, a man in his 30s, had recently returned from Vietnam and sought treatment at the Cathay General Hospital in Taipei.

Four of the healthcare staff who came in contact with the patient at the hospital have now been confirmed to have contracted measles.

An additional passenger onboard the same plane when he was returning from Vietnam, has also been diagnosed with measles and is being treated.

Health officials now report a total of 119 measles cases have been reported in Taiwan so far this year, 72 of which were locally acquired. Among the 47 imported cases, 17 were from Vietnam, 12 from Thailand and seven from the Philippines.