In a follow-up on the Ebola cases in Uganda, the World Health Organization is reporting a second fatality.


The 50-year-old grandmother of the initial case, the 5-year-old boy, has died from Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

There are currently 3 cumulative confirmed cases since the date of identification of the index case. The two fatalities and a 3-year-old brother who is alive.

A 23 year old male from Mukungu village, Katwe Town Council has been identified as a suspected case and isolated at Bwera Hospital isolation unit. He presented with symptoms of vomiting blood and bloody diarrhea.

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So far 27 contacts to the index case have been listed. All are from Kagando Hospital (5) and Bwera Hospital (22). Of the 27 contacts listed, 8 are contacts to MA and 19 to MM. The team continues to identify and list more contacts to the confirmed cases.

Tomorrow, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, will reconvene the IHR Emergency Committee in Geneva to ascertain whether the outbreak constitutes a public health emergency of international concern.