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In a follow-up to a report earlier this month, Paca Regional Health Agency (ARS) and Public Health France are reporting (computer translated) a second locally acquired Zika virus case in Hyères city, Var department.

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The individual lived in the same neighborhood as the first case and was found during an Oct 10 survey following the initial case.

The Regional Health Agency, Public Health France and the Interdepartmental Agreement on Mosquito Control (EID) Mediterranean continue their investigations (entomological and epidemiological) to prevent the spread of the disease.

Vector control actions have been implemented by the EID Mediterranean, under the auspices of the departmental council, in the neighborhood of residence of the two people affected: research of the tiger mosquito, mosquito control, mosquito trap placement. All these actions were preceded by an information campaign of the population residing in the neighborhood concerned.

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At the same time, epidemiological surveillance actions have been strengthened to identify people who may also be infected. Hospitals, general practitioners, gynecologists, midwives and medical analysis laboratories in the area were contacted to identify people who might have Zika symptoms and report them to the LRA.