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North Carolina public health officials have reported a fourth death linked to the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in people who attended the NC Mountain State Fair in Fletcher in September.

Legionella pneumophila bacteria/CDC

As of today, 141 cases of Legionnaires’ disease or Pontiac Fever had been reported in residents of multiple states and North Carolina counties who attended the fair.

North Carolina: Legionnaires’ Disease case reported, Not linked to Mountain State Fair

The outbreak has been linked to the Davis Event Center of the WNC Ag Center, particularly near the hot tubs and during the last five days of the fair.

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Legionella bacteria are found naturally in the environment. These bacteria can become a health concern when they grow and spread in human-made building water systems like hot water tanks, cooling towers of air conditioning systems, decorative fountains and hot tubs or spas that aren’t properly maintained. Approximately 200 cases are reported annually in North Carolina.