A fourth Ebola patient is coming to the United States for treatment, and once again, Emory University Hospital will be caring for the patient.

"Saving Dr. Brantly: The Inside Story of a Medical Miracle."
“Saving Dr. Brantly: The Inside Story of a Medical Miracle.”

According to a Reuters report, the yet unidentified patient is expected to arrive on Tuesday morning by air ambulance from West Africa and will be treated in the same isolation unit as two previous Ebola patients, Dr. Kent Brantly and Mrs Nancy Writebol, who have since been discharged from the hospital.

Phoenix Air confirms they are bringing a patient exposed to Ebola back to Georgia Tuesday morning. They are due to land at Dobbins Air Force Reserve base around 8:30 a.m.

In Nebraska, where SIM USA physician Dr. Rick Sacra, the 3rd Ebola patient who returned to the US, is being treated at the Nebraska Medical Center has shown some progress, according to a statement by his wife, Debbie Sacra. “He had some breakfast this morning, which is a change,” said Sacra. “He hasn’t been able to eat much since he got here, but he had some toast and apple sauce. He also tolerated the research drug well – better than he had the previous doses he was given.”

“We had a good conversation last night,” said Debbie. “We were able to speak again via video conference for about a half hour. He also wanted some music to listen to, so staff members here were able to help make that happen.”

On Friday, Sept. 5, an NBC News Special, “Saving Dr. Brantly: The Inside Story of a Medical Miracle” was aired.  Host Matt Lauer spoke intimately with Dr. Kent Brantly, his wife, Nancy Writebol and the Emory team that treated the pair.

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