According to the Newark Star-Ledger, 6 women have been identified as receiving cosmetic surgery from an unlicensed provider resulting cellulitis and abscesses of the buttocks.

While seeking to enhance their buttocks, the so far unknown provider of these services injected non-medical grade silicone instead of medical-grade silicone apparently performing the procedures in private residences.

The silicone product used is the same material contractors use to caulk bathtubs!

All six women went to different hospitals presenting with buttock cellulitis and abscesses that required incision and drainage about two to four weeks after their injections. Fortunately there have been no deaths, but most required long term outpatient antibiotic treatment.

However, health officials warn of the potential of serious complications if these infections aren’t treated promptly and properly.

According to plastic surgeons, this is a pretty uncommon procedure which entails making an incision to develop a pocket underneath the muscle and shape the buttocks with inert medical-grade silicone. Of course, this is performed in a sterile setting.

According to health officials, in three of the cultures already complete, the offending organism was Nocardia species. The other cultures are still pending.

Nocardia include several species of bacteria that are normally found in soil, organic matter and water.

The investigation continues…