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In a follow-up on the adenovirus situation at the National Children’s Hospital in Hanoi, hospital officials said from August 2022 to now, the number of positive adenovirus cases detected here has increased. The total number of Adenovirus infections recorded in the whole hospital since the beginning of 2022 is 1,406 cases, the number of inpatient cases is 811 (accounting for nearly 58%) with 7 deaths.


The overall rate of hospitalized children with adenovirus accounts for about 4% of the total number of inpatients

Only from August-September 21, 2022, the total number of detected cases of Adenovirus was 1,316 cases with 738 inpatients.

The leader of the National Children’s Hospital said that, in the face of the increasing trend of Adenovirus cases at the National Children’s Hospital, the hospital quickly issued guidelines on management and further streamlining. receive, isolate, treat and prevent adenovirus infection.

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Units with medical examination in hospitals strengthen early detection of suspected cases, appoint appropriate testing to determine the cause; Prescribing and guiding care for mild pediatric patients, pediatric outpatients. At the same time, timely isolate cases of suspected Adeno virus infection or confirmed cases of Adenovirus infection.

The hospital has arranged 300 beds to collect and treat children infected with Adenovirus who are hospitalized with mild diseases, diseases with respiratory damage alone or in combination with underlying diseases and severe comorbidities. At the same time, hospitalized pediatric patients are cared for and treated in a separate area, without having to share a bed, ensuring each child a hospital bed.